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KDB In addition to metric products or non-standard bearings

Structure Characteristics and Applications

KDB600 wrapped with high quality low-carbon steel or stainless steel with special technique . The surface can be carburizing to improve the hardness. It is widely used to automobile application and heavy-duty machinery etc.


Material Features

KDB603 spring steel sleeve, also known as tension bearing, uses 50CrV4 or 65Mn as material, adopts serrated seams, and has special features such as high strength, high bearing capacity and high impact pressure.
The unique tension of KDB603 spring steel sleeves is suitable for the joints of large equipment such as cranes, hoisting machines, grabs, etc., so that it can run freely under a great uneven pressure.

Performance Data
Hardness   ≥700HV
Max Load   300N/mm²
Max Linear Velocity   0.1m/s
Performance Data
Max PV Value   1.5N/mm²·m/s
Working Temperature Limit   -100~+350℃
Linear Expansion Coefficient   1.1×10-5℃

KDB60 Series products

Product application

Widely used in hydraulic industry, forging machine tool industry, plastics machinery industry port machinery, office, fitness machinery, textile machinery, food package, filling machinery, chemical machinery, automobile, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery and so on.

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