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KDB In addition to metric products or non-standard bearings
KDB-303 Fricition welding bimetal bushing

Structure Characteristics and Applications

KDB301F bimetal bushing is backed with high quality low carbon steel with tin-lead-bronze alloy(CuSn10Pb10)sintered on its surface . It has high fatigue strength, load capacity and impact strength. The product is applied to track roller, air compressor , especially replaced the Centrifugal casting bimetal bushing for the track roller application. the alloy thickness becomes uniform compareing with the centrifugal casting bimetal bushing, and save lot of material, which make the product cost performace higher.

KDB300 (SJ-3)



Typicai applicaton

Application: High speed, heavy load engine main shaft and ransmission gearbox, etc.

Performance Data
Max dynamic Load P   120N/mm²
Max line speed V Greaes lubrication 2.5m/s
Max PV value Greaes lubrication 2.8N/mm²·m/s
Friction coef μ Greaes lubrication 0.05~0.15
Max line speed V Oil lubrication 10m/s
Max PV value Oil lubrication 10N/mm²· m/s
Friction coef μ Oil lubrication 0.04~0.12
Max Working temperature Greaes lubrication 150℃
Performance Data
Max Working temperature Oil lubrication 250℃
Mating Axis Hardness ≥45HB
Mating Axis Roughness Ra=0.16~0.63
Alloy layer hardness 40~60
Thermal conductivity 60W/(m·k)
Coefficient of linear expansion 19×10-6K-1
We can also develop according to customers special request while out of this table.

KDB30 Series products


Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + (PTFE + Pb + Filler)

Performance data

Product Size

Copper plate + copper powder + (PTFE + Pb + filler)

Performance data

Product Size

Stainless steel + copper powder + (PTFE + Pb + filler)

Performance data

Product Size

Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + (PTFE + Pb + Filler)

Performance data

Product Size

Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + (PTFE + Pb + Filler)

Performance data

Product Size

Carbon Steel + Copper Powder + (PTFE + Filler)

Performance data

Product Size
Product application

Widely used in hydraulic industry, forging machine tool industry, plastics machinery industry port machinery, office, fitness machinery, textile machinery, food package, filling machinery, chemical machinery, automobile, shipbuilding industry, construction machinery and so on.

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