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Production site

KDB Bearing Co., Ltd.is one of the entities in China that specializes in the production of self-lubricating bearings, plain bearings, composite bearings, oil-free bearings, dry bearings, and maintenance-free bearings. Its product quality and performance have reached the level of foreign peer companies.
KDB is a professional bearing manufacturer,
Our goal is to continuously contribute to society through technological innovation.

Production site

In order to ensure the stable quality of products and provide customers with reliable products, Katie is committed to implementing ISO/TS16949:2009 quality standards. The entire production process is controlled from the "human, machine, material, law, and ring" five major links.
Total Quality Management (TQM) theory believes that quality is the result of the organic combination of "people, machine, material, law, and ring". The latest standard of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) emphasizes that products are the result of the process. Only by effectively controlling the entire process of production and operation, such as procurement, supply, production process, control of unqualified products, and measurement and analysis, can quality assurance be achieved.
Person: In terms of quality components, equipment capabilities, material quality, process requirements, and environmental conditions are ultimately to be achieved by operators through actual operations. People are the most active and revolutionary factor in all factors.
KDB believes that as long as people's initiative and creativity are fully mobilized, only a good atmosphere of devotion, love, and learning can be formed and a highly qualified workforce can be created. Under the premise of high standards of quality, we use good machinery and equipment to produce quality products that surprise customers. Katie’s staff is a team that has undergone pre-job training and on-the-job training, full of vigor and vitality, courageous dedication, and courage to innovate.
Machines: Specialized manufacturers of joint sliding bearing equipment have developed a series of specialized equipment and tooling to increase production efficiency and ensure product quality, size and shape tolerances.
Materials: The steel needed to produce bearings is mainly from domestic first-class steel companies such as Baosteel and Anshan Iron and Steel, and the alloy materials are from leading companies in the industry.
Law: Implement the ISO/TS16949 standard, and emphasize the importance of process control on product quality control QC in accordance with the requirements of the control plan CP.
Management: The company implements 6S management on the spot and walks into the factory, giving people a feeling of clean, refreshing pleasure.
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Committed to the implementation of IATF 16949:2016 quality standards

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KDB Bearing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of KDB series plain bearings and has developed and manufactured six series of products.

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